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Offering laboratory services is our distinct company service. At the moment, our technical team is doing stringent particles and varnish tests. Furthermore the company is planning to develop it’s laboratory services.


Our expert team is ready to offer consult for lubricants manufacturing, improving lubrication systems and oil condition monitoring services.

In the case of customer needs, the company will send a technical team and filtration system in order to do filtration in the presence of customers.


Our company possesses the official representation of Europafilter and is the importer of special particle and contamination removal filters. According to the high accuracy of these devices in removing particles which are smaller than 1 micron, they are prerequisites for industries including power stations, refineries and manufacturing factories (cement, steel and …).

The company offers different kinds of material that are used in the lubricant manufacturing industry e.g. base oils, grease, antifreeze, engine and industrial additives. The represented products belongs to the most trustworthy companies e.g. Afton, Infineum, Lubrizol and Chevron.

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Fuel and lubricating oils are the lifeblood of engines and machinery.  Since the quality of fuel and lubricants directly affecting engine and machinery performance and also the efficiency and maintenance costs, the condition of the fuel and lubricants must be closely and consistently monitored to protect the investment.

Oil Condition Monitoring (OCM) predictive maintenance programmes help clients avoid costly machinery failures by tracking changes in machinery lubricant quality. Operational issues in machines, engines and other components are often reflected in the condition of the lubricant oil being used. Regularly scheduled oil condition monitoring can identify mechanical problems before they impact the efficient running of machinery, avoiding costly headaches later on.

SamaLubricants is the lubrication maintenance specialist providing machinery oil analysis services for condition monitoring and diagnostics to better ensure

equipment reliability and plant availability.


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SAMA lubricants Corporation is a well-known lubrication management company with a list of clients who condently absorb our activities:

• Additives and Base Oils Trading

• Base Oil Refining by Products

• Oil Condition Monitoring and Filtration Services

• Training and Support

We have been working in the lubricant additives and base oils marketplace for over 10 years. Our range of additives include new and unique Engine oils, Marine oils, Driveline oils and Industrial and Metalworking additives from prime sources and brands.

We support our operations through regional oce located in Iran, UAE, Oman, Hong Kong and China.

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